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Meet the Pack!

Lilly Esposito - owner/trainer


Hi everyone! My name is Lilly, and I am the owner and head trainer at Venture K9. My first love of animals started at four years old when I took my first horseback riding lesson. My hobby of riding and working with horses eventually turned into a passion that I would go to college for, and led me to my degree in Equine Business Management and Riding. There is just something about creating a connection with a horse...I will never be without one! 


Although I went to school for horses, many of the same principles and ideologies can be applied to the dog training world. I've found this even more to be true getting into the sport dog world with my shepherds.

After working at a well known training facility in RI and working with many challenging dogs, I decided to go on my own journey in pursuit of what truly makes me happy - giving owners the tools and knowledge they need to get out in the world and enjoy their dogs!

I now reside and work out of Portland, CT, but I see clients in RI frequently! 


Ember Vom Steyerberg BH

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Zara & Jade


Xerxes vom Kavallerie GPr1 OB2

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