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 Obedience Training/1

 We believe in balanced training, meaning we love the option to use all of the tools that we have at our disposal (ie. food, toys, ecollars, prong collars, slip leads etc.) It also means that we believe that there should be a balance of positive and negative when it comes to training and living with your dog. We want our dogs to WANT to work for us, not because we've bribed or forced them. Effective communication and consistent leadership are key in creating a mutual understanding and bond between dog and handler.

You and your dog will learn the following:





-proper heel 


-how to communicate effectively

and coexist with your dog

$900/6 Sessions 

(does not include sales tax)








Advanced/Competition Obedience Training


Interested in trialing your dog in obedience, or just having some more fun together? We are now officially offering advanced obedience classes! What better way to build a stronger bond with your dog than working together towards a goal, and having some fun! We also offer CGC certification! Some items covered include (but are not limited to):


-Competition Heeling

-Retrieving objects

-Retrieving over a jump/A-frame

-Refining basic obedience into more formal obedience 

Puppy Sessions!

Get off to the right start with your puppy! You and your puppy will learn:

-How to begin basic obedience (leash walking, sit,   down, place, crate, manners)

-Confidence building exercises

-How to instill leadership into your

  daily life with your puppy

*puppy classes are offered from

 10 weeks - 5 months old

$800/8 Sessions

(does not include sales tax)









Dog training is an investment

What are you getting for that investment?


-Continual support for the lifetime of your dog

-Individual follow up sessions and group classes only offered to current clients

-Phone/email support and more

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